The GKPS Advantage

A new entrant to Jamaica's burgeoning BPO industry, GKPS brings innovation to the market with highly customizable business processing options augmented through partnership affliations to design solutions to satisfy both general and unique customer requirements. Our clients benefits from our corporate affliation with the University College of the Caribbean, one of the largest private Universities in the island. Complemented by Jamaica's endowment with a large pool of available trained labour and competitive cost advantage like no other in the region. .

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Situated just one hour and twenty minutes offshore the United States in Jamaica, the third largest English speaking country in the Americas, GKPS provides unique platform to support corporates in the world's largest economy.

Facility and Operations
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GKPS is well-positioned to deploy scalable solutions that can match the current needs of our clients and quickly expand to accomodaate future business growth.