The company's focus is on integrating multiple functions such as marketing, high-end customer service solutions and database manipulation. This will enable clients to deliver better customer support, improve customer relationship and achieve higher levels of revenue growth. Our service and equipment is customizable based on the business requirements of our customers. GKPS boasts its location advantage in Jamaica, the premier contact centre destination in the Anglo-phone Caribbean. The country has established a solid reputation in the business processing industry and offers the value propositions for prospective clients.

What we Provide

GKPS is designed to deliver a range of ICT enabled services.

Our Advantage:

≡ Low operating costs

≡ Availability Quality Space

≡ Access to a highly skilled, educated & affordable labour force

≡ Timezone well aligned with North America & Europe

Our Solution:

≡ Inbound Calls

≡ Outbound Calls

≡ Customer Support

≡ Help Desk Services

Our Aim:

≡ Fast & Quality Service

≡ Client Satisfaction

≡ Job creation